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boolean henplus::AbstractCommand::requiresValidSession ( String  cmd  )  [inline, inherited]

returns true, if this command requires a valid SQLSession, i.e. if the execute(SQLSession,String,String) method makes use of the session (e.g. to get some Database connection) or not. Return 'true' if unsure (you should be sure..). This is to thwart attempts to execute a command without session.

cmd the subcommand this is requested for; one of the commands returned by getCommandList().

Implements henplus::Command.

Reimplemented in henplus::commands::AboutCommand, henplus::commands::AliasCommand, henplus::commands::ConnectCommand, henplus::commands::DriverCommand, henplus::commands::DumpCommand, henplus::commands::EchoCommand, henplus::commands::ExitCommand, henplus::commands::HelpCommand, henplus::commands::LoadCommand, henplus::commands::PluginCommand, henplus::commands::properties::PropertyCommand, henplus::commands::properties::SessionPropertyCommand, henplus::commands::SetCommand, henplus::commands::ShellCommand, henplus::commands::SpoolCommand, and henplus::SamplePlugin.

Definition at line 39 of file AbstractCommand.java.

{ return true; }

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