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henplus::CommandDispatcher Class Reference

Inherits org::gnu::readline::ReadlineCompleter.

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Detailed Description

document me.

Definition at line 25 of file CommandDispatcher.java.

Public Member Functions

void addExecutionListener (ExecutionListener listener)
 CommandDispatcher (SetCommand sc)
String completer (String text, int state)
boolean containsCommand (String cmd)
void endBatch ()
void execute (SQLSession session, final String givenCommand)
Command getCommandFrom (String completeCmd)
String getCommandNameFrom (String completeCmd)
Iterator getRegisteredCommandNames (String key)
Iterator getRegisteredCommandNames ()
Iterator getRegisteredCommands ()
boolean isInBatch ()
void register (Command c)
void registerAdditionalCommand (String cmd, Command c)
boolean removeExecutionListener (ExecutionListener listener)
void shutdown ()
void startBatch ()
void unregister (Command c)
void unregisterAdditionalCommand (String cmd)

Private Member Functions

Command getCommandFromCooked (String completeCmd)
void informAfterListeners (SQLSession session, String cmd, int result)
void informBeforeListeners (SQLSession session, String cmd)

Private Attributes

int _batchCount
final SortedMap commandMap
final List commands
final List executionListeners
Iterator possibleValues
final SetCommand setCommand
String variablePrefix

Static Private Attributes

static final boolean verbose = false

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