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henplus::SQLSession Class Reference

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Detailed Description

a SQL session.

Definition at line 31 of file SQLSession.java.

Public Member Functions

void close ()
void connect () throws SQLException, IOException
Statement createStatement ()
Connection getConnection ()
String getDatabaseInfo ()
SQLMetaData getMetaData (SortedSet tableNames)
PropertyRegistry getPropertyRegistry ()
long getStatementCount ()
Table getTable (String tableName)
long getUptime ()
String getURL ()
String getUsername ()
void interrupt ()
void print (String msg)
void println (String msg)
boolean printMessages ()
 SQLSession (String url, String user, String password) throws IllegalArgumentException, ClassNotFoundException, SQLException, IOException

Private Member Functions

void addAvailableIsolation (Map result, DatabaseMetaData meta, int iLevel, String key) throws SQLException
void printTransactionIsolation (DatabaseMetaData meta, int iLevel, String descript, int current) throws SQLException
String promptPassword (String prompt) throws IOException

Private Attributes

Connection _conn
long _connectTime
String _databaseInfo
volatile boolean _interrupted
SQLMetaData _metaData
String _password
final PropertyRegistry _propertyRegistry
int _showMessages
long _statementCount
boolean _terminated = false
String _url
String _username


class  AutoCommitProperty
class  IsolationLevelProperty

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