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String henplus::commands::AliasCommand::getLongDescription ( String  cmd  )  [inline]

returns a longer string describing this action. This should return a String describing details of the given command. This String should start with a TAB-character in each new line (the first line is a new line). The last line should not end with newline.

cmd The command the long description is asked for. This is one of the possible commands returned by getCommandList().

Reimplemented from henplus::AbstractCommand.

Definition at line 321 of file AliasCommand.java.

References _currentExecutedAliases, henplus::CommandDispatcher::getCommandFrom(), and henplus::Command::getLongDescription().

      String dsc = null;
        if ("list-aliases".equals(cmd)) {
            dsc= "\tList all aliases, that have been stored with the\n"
                +"\t'alias' command";
        else if ("alias".equals(cmd)) {
            dsc= "\tAdd an alias for a command. This means, that you can\n"
                +"\tgive a short name for a command you often use.  This\n"
                +"\tmight be as simple as\n"
                +"\t   alias ls tables\n"
                +"\tto execute the tables command with a short 'ls'.\n"
                +"\n\tFor longer commands it is even more helpful:\n"
                +"\t   alias size select count(*) from\n"
                +"\tThis command  needs a table  name as a  parameter to\n"
                +"\texpand  to  a  complete command.  So 'size students'\n"
                +"\texpands to 'select count(*) from students' and yields\n"
                +"\tthe expected result.\n"
                +"\n\tTo make life easier, HenPlus tries to determine the\n"
                +"\tcommand  to be executed so that the  tab-completion\n"
                +"\tworks even here; in this latter case it  would help\n"
                +"\tcomplete table names.";
        else if ("unalias".equals(cmd)) {
            dsc= "\tremove an alias name";
        else {
          // not session-proof:
          if (_currentExecutedAliases.contains(cmd)) {
            dsc = "\t[ this command cyclicly references itself ]";
            else {
                dsc= "\tThis is an alias for the command\n"
                    +"\t   " + _aliases.get(cmd);

                String actualCmdStr = (String) _aliases.get(cmd);
                if (actualCmdStr != null) {
                    StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(actualCmdStr);
                    actualCmdStr = st.nextToken();
                    Command c = _dispatcher.getCommandFrom(actualCmdStr);
                    String longDesc = null;
                    if (c != null 
                        && (longDesc=c.getLongDescription(actualCmdStr)) != null) {
                        dsc+="\n\n\t..the following description could be determined for this";
                        dsc+="\n\t------- [" + actualCmdStr + "] ---\n";
        return dsc;

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