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String henplus::commands::PluginCommand::getLongDescription ( String  cmd  )  [inline]

returns a longer string describing this action. This should return a String describing details of the given command. This String should start with a TAB-character in each new line (the first line is a new line). The last line should not end with newline.

cmd The command the long description is asked for. This is one of the possible commands returned by getCommandList().

Reimplemented from henplus::AbstractCommand.

Definition at line 238 of file PluginCommand.java.

      String dsc = null;
      if ("plug-in".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc= "\tLoad plugin. This command takes as argument the name of\n"
            +"\tthe  class  that  implements  the  plugin, that is then\n"
            +"\tloaded from your classpath. The plugin then behaves like\n"
            +"\tany other built-in command (including help and completion).\n\n"
            +"\tWriting a  plugin is  simple: Just  write a  class that\n"
            +"\timplements the well documented henplus.Command interface.\n"
            +"\tYou can just simply derive from henplus.AbstractCommand\n"
            +"\tthat already implements the default behaviour. An example\n"
            +"\tof a plugin is the henplus.SamplePlugin that does nothing\n"
            +"\tbut shows how it works; try it:\n\n"
            +"\tplug-in henplus.SamplePlugin\n\n"
            +"\tOn exit of HenPlus, all names of the plugin-classes are\n"
            +"\tstored, so that  they are automatically  loaded on next\n"
      else if ("plug-out".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc= "\tUnload plugin. Unload a previously loaded plugin. This\n"
            +"\tcommand provides completion for the class name.\n";
      else if ("list-plugins".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc= "\tList the plugins loaded. The plugins, that are actually\n"
            +"\tloaded have a little star (*) in the first column. If it\n"
            +"\tis not loaded, then you have to extend your CLASSPATH to\n"
            +"\taccess the plugins class.";
      return dsc;

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