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String henplus::commands::SQLCommand::getLongDescription ( String  cmd  )  [inline]

returns a longer string describing this action. This should return a String describing details of the given command. This String should start with a TAB-character in each new line (the first line is a new line). The last line should not end with newline.

cmd The command the long description is asked for. This is one of the possible commands returned by getCommandList().

Reimplemented from henplus::AbstractCommand.

Definition at line 499 of file SQLCommand.java.

      String dsc;
      dsc="\t'" + cmd + "': this is not a build-in command, so would be\n"
          + "\tconsidered as SQL-command and handed over to the JDBC-driver.\n"
          + "\tHowever, I don't know anything about its syntax. RTFSQLM.\n"
          + "\ttry <http://www.google.de/search?q=sql+syntax+" + cmd + ">";
      cmd = cmd.toLowerCase();
      if ("select".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\tselect from tables.";
      else if ("delete".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\tdelete data from tables. DML.";
      else if ("insert".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\tinsert data into tables. DML.";
      else if ("update".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\tupdate existing rows with new data. DML.";
      else if ("create".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\tcreate new database object (such as tables/views/indices..). DDL.";
      else if ("alter".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\talter a database object. DDL.";
      else if ("drop".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\tdrop (remove) a database object. DDL.";
      else if ("rollback".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\trollback transaction.";
      else if ("commit".equals(cmd)) {
          dsc="\tcommit transaction.";
        else if ("call-procedure".equals(cmd)) {
            dsc="\tcall a function that returns exactly one parameter\n"
                +"\tthat can be gathered as string (EXPERIMENTAL)\n"
                +"\t  call-procedure foobar(42);\n";
      return dsc;

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