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henplus::commands::SpoolCommand Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for henplus::commands::SpoolCommand:

henplus::AbstractCommand henplus::Command

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Detailed Description

prepared ..

Definition at line 25 of file SpoolCommand.java.

Public Member Functions

Iterator complete (CommandDispatcher disp, String partialCommand, String lastWord)
int execute (SQLSession currentSession, String cmd, String param)
String[] getCommandList ()
String getLongDescription (String cmd)
String getShortDescription ()
String getSynopsis (String cmd)
boolean isComplete (String command)
boolean participateInCommandCompletion ()
boolean requiresValidSession (String cmd)
void shutdown ()
 SpoolCommand (HenPlus hp)

Static Public Attributes

static final int EXEC_FAILED = 2
static final int SUCCESS = 0
static final int SYNTAX_ERROR = 1

Protected Member Functions

int argumentCount (String command)

Private Member Functions

boolean closeSpool () throws IOException
OutputDevice closeStackedDevice (Stack stack)
void openSpool (String filename) throws IOException
OutputDevice openStackedDevice (Stack stack, OutputDevice newOut)

Private Attributes

final Stack _msgStack
final Stack _outStack


class  StackedDevice

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