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henplus::view::ExtendedColumn Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Title: ExtendedColumn

Created on: 25.07.2003

ExtendedColumn.java,v 1.3 2004/02/01 14:12:52 hzeller Exp
Martin Grotzke

Definition at line 15 of file ExtendedColumn.java.

Public Member Functions

 ExtendedColumn (String text, int colspan, int alignment)
 ExtendedColumn (int value, int colspan, int alignment)
 ExtendedColumn (String text, int alignment)
 ExtendedColumn (int value, int alignment)
int getAlignment ()
int getColspan ()
boolean isBoldRequested ()
void setBoldRequested (boolean bold)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ALIGN_CENTER = ColumnMetaData.ALIGN_CENTER
static final int ALIGN_LEFT = ColumnMetaData.ALIGN_LEFT
static final int ALIGN_RIGHT = ColumnMetaData.ALIGN_RIGHT

Package Functions

String getNextLine ()
int getWidth ()
boolean hasNextLine ()
boolean isNull ()

Private Attributes

final int _alignment
final int _colspan
boolean _outputBold

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