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henplus::view::ExtendedTableRenderer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Title: ExtendedTableRenderer

Created on: 25.07.2003

ExtendedTableRenderer.java,v 1.4 2004/02/01 16:39:09 hzeller Exp
Martin Grotzke

Definition at line 18 of file ExtendedTableRenderer.java.

Public Member Functions

void addRow (Column[] row)
void closeTable ()
 ExtendedTableRenderer (ColumnMetaData[] meta, OutputDevice out)
 ExtendedTableRenderer (ColumnMetaData[] meta, OutputDevice out, String separator, boolean showHeader, boolean showFooter)
void flush ()

Protected Member Functions

void addRowToCache (Column[] row)
String formatString (String text, char fillchar, int len, int alignment)
boolean printColumn (Column col, boolean hasMoreLines, int i)
boolean printColumn (ExtendedColumn col, boolean hasMoreLines, int metaIndex)
boolean printColumns (Column[] currentRow, boolean hasMoreLines)
void updateColumnWidths (Column[] row)

Protected Attributes

final String colSeparator
final ColumnMetaData meta []
final OutputDevice out

Private Member Functions

int updateMetaWidth (int metaIndex, ExtendedColumn col)

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