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henplus::view::TableRenderer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

document me.

Definition at line 20 of file TableRenderer.java.

Public Member Functions

void addRow (Column[] row)
void closeTable ()
void flush ()
 TableRenderer (ColumnMetaData[] meta, OutputDevice out)
 TableRenderer (ColumnMetaData[] meta, OutputDevice out, String separator, boolean enableHeader, boolean enableFooter)

Protected Member Functions

void addRowToCache (Column[] row)
String formatString (String text, char fillchar, int len, int alignment)
boolean printColumn (Column col, boolean hasMoreLines, int i)
boolean printColumns (Column[] currentRow, boolean hasMoreLines)
void updateColumnWidths (Column[] row)

Protected Attributes

final String colSeparator
final ColumnMetaData meta []
final OutputDevice out

Private Member Functions

void printHorizontalLine ()
void printTableHeader ()

Private Attributes

boolean alreadyFlushed
final List cacheRows
boolean enableFooter
boolean enableHeader
int separatorWidth
int writtenRows

Static Private Attributes

static final int MAX_CACHE_ELEMENTS = 500

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