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henplus::Command Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for henplus::Command:

henplus::AbstractCommand henplus::commands::AboutCommand henplus::commands::AliasCommand henplus::commands::ConnectCommand henplus::commands::DescribeCommand henplus::commands::DriverCommand henplus::commands::DumpCommand henplus::commands::EchoCommand henplus::commands::ExitCommand henplus::commands::ExportCommand henplus::commands::HelpCommand henplus::commands::ImportCommand henplus::commands::ListUserObjectsCommand henplus::commands::LoadCommand henplus::commands::PluginCommand henplus::commands::properties::AbstractPropertyCommand henplus::commands::SetCommand henplus::commands::ShellCommand henplus::commands::SpoolCommand henplus::commands::SQLCommand henplus::commands::StatusCommand henplus::commands::TreeCommand henplus::SamplePlugin

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Detailed Description

interface to be implemented for user level commands. The CommandDispatcher and the HelpCommand operate on this interface. This interface needs to be implemented by your own Commands or Plugins that should be supported by HenPlus. If the documenation given here is not enough (though I hope it is), just read some of the implementations given in henplus.commands.

Henner Zeller

Definition at line 22 of file Command.java.

Public Member Functions

Iterator complete (CommandDispatcher disp, String partialCommand, String lastWord)
int execute (SQLSession session, String command, String parameters)
String[] getCommandList ()
String getLongDescription (String cmd)
String getShortDescription ()
String getSynopsis (String cmd)
boolean isComplete (String command)
boolean participateInCommandCompletion ()
boolean requiresValidSession (String cmd)
void shutdown ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int EXEC_FAILED = 2
static final int SUCCESS = 0
static final int SYNTAX_ERROR = 1

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